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Surf and Sales Podcast

Surf and Sales Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Leese & Richard Harris

In sales, everyone is looking for help, yet so few are willing to give it unselfishly. Scott and Richard teamed up to bring their best advice from their own life experiences, real-world job experiences, and what they...


S3E32 - Your level of income will never exceed your level of self-worth, with Elyse Archer

Season #3 Episode #32

Elyse took her annual 6-figure income to 7-figures in 6 weeks, literally.  She shares her growth and is over the hump of the fear.  Getting unstuck from the $150 OTE is more than about the money Sales are not just...
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S3E31 - It's not all about "A" players with Mark Smith

Season #3 Episode #31

Mark Smith tells it how it is. A VP of Sales multiple times over, he has dabbled in politics, consulting, advising and investing. So why leave everything behind and take a sabbatical? We sit down with Mark to discuss...
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S3E30 - Why a No-Commission Sales Team is Right for You

Season #3 Episode #30

What if you could prove that a higher based salesperson with no commission would be happier, perform better, and reduce your retention?  That's exactly what we discuss in this live Bonfire Session. Topics include: ...
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S3E29 - When Mom Says "I Don't Think You'd Be Good in Sales" with Molly Grossman

Season #3 Episode #29

Recognition that shows value more than the promotion itself. Managing a team of North American SDRs from the UK Learning how to let go lets you have more control What could you do to position yourself for the next...
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S3E28 - Ask Scott and Richard Anything, Straight from The Crow's Nest with Travis Matthews of Docusign

Season #3 Episode #28

The Crow's Nest is a special place in Costa Rica where sincere and intimate conversations happen with attendees. We want to create the same moments away from Costa Rica and this is one of those episodes  What to do...
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S3E27 - How to Support Mental Health With Your Sales Team

Season #3 Episode #27

A special episode with our friends from Salesforce supporting your team around the topic of mental health.  Amazing insights are shared by Niraj Kapur, Lindsey Boggs, Elyese Archer, Richard Harris and Marcus Chan
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S3E26 15 minutes Tyler Bennet Asks Richard Questions

Season #3 Episode #26

An impromptu podcast episode. Decided to let the guest interview the host. Tyler asked some awesome questions and the answers will surprise you. 1. How does your newsletter play into your overall strategy? 2. How do...
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S3E25 - LIVE Bonfire Session - Unique Gifting and Personalization to Inspire Human Connections

Season #3 Episode #25

RevOps leaders are focused on providing their teams with support and outreach strategies to boost engagement with prospects and customers. In our digitally-saturated world, it’s more important than ever to include...
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S3E24 - The Ultimate RevOps Discussion with Feras Abdel of Outreach

Season #3 Episode #24

Feras started in sales and fell in love with revenue operations after carrying a bag for years. He shares amazing insights on Revenue Operations best practices. The value of a sales focus being in RevOps Running...
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S3E23 - Here to make salespeople happy with Scotland Foss of Scratchpad

Season #2 Episode #23

Rare is the first head of sales making it past 18 months at a startup. Scotland is in rarified air and shares his experiences with us including:  Go to market workspace First 18 months as head of sales at 16 months...
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S3E22 - Picking Scott and Richard's Brain with Zac Scalzi

Season #3 Episode #22

A must-listen episode! An interesting episode where the guest asks all the questions. Zac came prepared and asked some of the best questions everyone thinks about.   Where do you invest in sales post-Series A to...
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S3E21 - Do what you shouldn't with Nadja Komnenic

Season #3 Episode #21

It's never about personalization at scale, its about relevancy at scale and Nadja shares these best practices as well as others What its like to turn down $30m and stay bootstrapped Building a community from the...
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