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Surf and Sales Podcast

Surf and Sales Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Leese & Richard Harris

In sales, everyone is looking for help, yet so few are willing to give it unselfishly. Scott and Richard teamed up to bring their best advice from their own life experiences, real-world job experiences, and what they...


S3E18 - The Side Hustle Isn't Always Glamorous with Joel Lalgee

Season #3 Episode #18

The challenges of the side hustle people don't talk about. The challenges of recruiting in 2022What a start-up should know about hiring recruiting There is a shortage of good recruitersWhat are the skillsets of a good...
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S3E17 - Strategically Break the Rules in Sales with Chris Bogue

Season #3 Episode #17

Sometimes we get so process-oriented, we lose sight of the creativity in sales. Chris Bogue is on a mission to change that. Check out his insights on all of these topics. Video and comedy is perfect for selling to...
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S3E16 - Why Your AEs must do prospecting even with SDR support with Anthony Netoli of

Season #3 Episode #16

The #Sales AEs who prospect their own business are often the most successful. This Live Surf and Sales Bonfire Webinar explores this topic deeply with Anthony Netoli of who lives this every day. He...
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S3E15 - My Rap Career was Shorter Than a VP of Sales Ding Zheng

Season #3 Episode #15

One of the most creative salespeople in the game. Ding has turned the sales thought leadership world upside down. Enter the Sales Evangelist. The creator economy The Sales Evangelist Co-Selling where the reference is...
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S3E14 - The Tequila & Sales Episode with Jason Riedel

Season #3 Episode #14

This episode is like a Marvel movie with a secret scene.  When an engineer builds a sales tool Recruiting is a sales job, and what makes a good communicator How should Heads of Sales work with a CTO There is only so...
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S3E13 - A No Commission Sales Org with Erol Toker

Season #3 Episode #13

Listen to 2nd half of this episode first! It's hard being a founder. However, they bring a fresh perspective. Erol brings an amazing point of view about the no commission sales world and a whole lot more Eliminating...
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S3E12 - Crow's Nest - Career Advice with Eric Steeves

Season #3 Episode #12

This is a different episode. Its the one where the guest comes on and asks for career advice.  Eric is a fractional CRO looking to build his brand and business. He's helped start several sales teams and is trying to...
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S3E11 - Event Planning is the 5th Most Stressful Job with Alan Newton

Season #3 Episode #11

So often we think of founders as technical founders. There are also operational founders. Alan is one of them and shares a lot of knowledge from that perspective and building a company in a crowded market.    How...
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S3E10 - Modern Customer Success with Irit Eizips

Season #3 Episode #10

Irit was at the forefront of the Customer Success revolution that started with Gainsight. She has since built her on customer success organization helping companies of all sizes build, re-build, and grow the customer...
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S3E9 - You're closer to your 5-year goal than you think you are with Derek Harvey

Season #3 Episode #9

We all have our goals in life, and often create plans. Derek explores why you are closer to your 5-year goal than you really think you are along with his journey from pastry chef to sales leader The best advice for...
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S3E8 - The ultimate sales to customer success conversation with Kelsey Calabro

Season #3 Episode #8

Kelsey has the ideal path for a revenue leader. SDR to AE, to Customer Success. She shares her knowledge and wisdom with you. The struggles of writing professionally. How to build a business using a podcast The value...
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S3E7 - Questions from a first time Director of Sales with Jason Lopez

Season #3 Episode #7

Making commitments and sticking them Define your time horizon What to do once you get product-market fit What do you do in the first 60-90 days The advantage of focusing on the low hanging fruit How and when to hire a...
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