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Transform your expertise into a digital product or service that sells.

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Transform your expertise into a digital product or service that sells.


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"The exact blueprint I used to build a consulting business to $5,000,000 in 36 months and generate $30,000 from digital course sales i60 days.

– Scott Leese [6x Sales Leader, 3x Founder, Startup Advisor]

The Untethered Blueprint has helped 200+ students diversify their income:

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Is The Untethered Blueprint right for you?

Who is this course for?

The Untethered Blueprint is for high-achieving sales and revenue professionals who want to make money outside of their full time job and become less reliant on one source of income. If you have expertise to share with the world but don't know where to start, this course is for you.

Who shouldn't buy this course?

Don't invest in this course if you're looking to get rich quick, quit your job tomorrow, or trying to create "passive income" with hacks or shortcuts. 

Start untethering if you want to STOP:

  • Selling someone else's dream and ignoring your own
  • Wondering if you’re skipping steps building your brand
  • Relying on a single unstable W-2 paycheck to survive
  • Guessing how to structure or price your services
  • Questioning if you’re investing in the right skills
  • Debating whether or not you’re ready
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"I wish I had this when I started. It would have saved me so much time, energy, stress, and probably would have let me make way more sooner. If you're considering cutting the cord (or just want to make some good money on the side) buy this course, put in the work, stick with it, and the results will be there."


Kevin "KD" Dorsey

SaaS Sales Consultant & Advisor | 100,000+ LinkedIn followers

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Includes FOUR EXERCISES to help you:

  • Create Your Ideal Partner Profile
  • Use Your Skill Deployment Matrix
  • Build Your Experience Portfolio
  • Structure Your Side Hustle
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Here's what's inside:

➊ How to establish partnerships that generate income

  • The 7-step formula you can use to strike up lasting partnerships
  • How to “pick your spot” and move from helping someone to collaborating
  • How to leverage your trusted network to get feedback and “build in public"
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➋ How to build your personal brand and launch a side hustle with confidence

  • 3 checkpoints to self-audit your progress
  • “Insider" tips to avoid the risk of skipping steps 
  • How to become an “elite practitioner” and shift from learning to executing
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➌ How to launch a digital product that sells – Learn how this course generated $30,000 in 60 days

  • A dead simple way to repurpose content and create a digital product quickly
  • 3 AI-powered tools that will level-up content creation and copywriting skills
  • 5 high-income skills to supercharge your selling ability
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➍ How to structure consulting and coaching engagements that work for you

  • A 3-part consulting framework used to build a $5,000,000 business in 36 months
  • The “Pay a Bill” Method – How to set your price and move from free to paid, FAST
  • Why “teaching clients to fish” drastically improves your probability of success 
  • Equity over cash? (The answer may surprise you)  
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The Full Curriculum 

Part 1: Intro, FAQs, & Course Outcomes 👋

Course Outcomes:

  1. Establish partnerships that grow your income
  2. Uncover the most in-demand skills to develop & monetize
  3. Position your experience to build credibility & demand for you
  4. Structure your offering to scale without burnout

Part 2: The Origin Story & Partnership Steps 📖 

  • How to go from strangers to co-authors in 2 months
  • 7-step strategy to build a partnership that lasts

Part 3: Sidehustle² & Skill Deployment Matrix ⚙️ 

  • Transforming an idea to a $30k digital product in 2 months
  • 5 high-income skills to supercharge your selling ability
  • The "Skill Deployment Matrix"

Part 4: Credibility Checkpoints 🏁

  1. "Disciplined Learner"
  2. "Elite Practitioner"
  3. "Credible Mentor"

Part 5: The Scott Leese Consulting Framework 🏄‍♂️ 

  • Communication, Cadence, & Capacity
  • Approach, Impact, & Offering
  • Pricing & Goals

Part 6: Bonus Materials 💸

Start Your Side Hustle 🔒

"The Untethered Blueprint is the course we all didn't know we needed. For years, I have been overwhelmed by the idea of diversifying my income streams because I simply didn't know where to start or how to manage. Scott has completely taken the fear out of me and replaced it with a new found confidence in myself and my skillset."


Madison Butler

Founder + CEO of Blue Haired Unicorn, LLC | 140,000+ LinkedIn followers

Unlock The Untethered Blueprint [Instantly]


Includes FOUR BONUSES for a limited time:

  • How to break into sales leadership
  • Our personal "Digital Product Toolkit"
  • The Surf & Sales "Side Hustle" training
  • How to earn affiliate income with zero hassle
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Who built this course?

About Scott Leese 

"I've spent the last 20 years building & scaling sales orgs as a 6x sales leader and 3x founderIn 2019, I cut the W-2 cord at a unicorn tech startup to launch my own consulting firm. Scott Leese Consulting has grown from $0 to $2.5M+ in annual revenue serving some of the fastest growing technology startups in the world." Connect with Scott.

About Ryan Walker 

"I've spent the last decade in startups as a top-performing AE and 2x Head of Sales. I've driven $30M+ in revenue averaging 300% to target over five years as an IC, co-built a bootstrapped sales bootcamp to $2M+ in revenue, trained and placed 500+ people in tech sales, and led an 8-figure SaaS startup to 83% YoY cARR growth." Connect with Ryan.


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How to break into sales leadership

  • A FREE copy of our first digital product, "From Rep to Manager" 
  • Learn a proven framework to seamlessly transition into sales leadership
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Our personal "Digital Product Toolkit"

  • The EXACT tools we used to build, promote, and sell The Untethered Blueprint
  • The all-in-one platform used to launch our site, newsletter, and course FAST!
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🎁 BONUS #3 🎁 

The original Surf & Sales "Side Hustle" training

  • Access the training that inspired The Untethered Blueprint live from Costa Rica (previously only available to Scott Leese's sales community)
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🎁 BONUS #4 🎁 

How to earn affiliate income with zero hassle

  • "Affiliate Income 101" – How to make money supporting products you love
  • Direct access to your own Blueprint affiliate link so you can start earning today
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