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Surf and Sales Podcast

Surf and Sales Podcast

Hosted by: Scott Leese & Richard Harris

In sales, everyone is looking for help, yet so few are willing to give it unselfishly. Scott and Richard teamed up to bring their best advice from their own life experiences, real-world job experiences, and what they...


S3E23 - Here to make salespeople happy with Scotland Foss of Scratchpad

Season #2 Episode #23

Rare is the first head of sales making it past 18 months at a startup. Scotland is in rarified air and shares his experiences with us including:  Go to market workspace First 18 months as head of sales at 16 months...
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S3E19 - The Skill Up Acceleration of Covid with Alex Meade

Season #2 Episode #19

A fascinating conversation with Alex Meade about coming from a marketing and development perspective to lead business development and sales efforts. When you are in marketing and have to figure out sales. The...
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S2E86 - Why your customers need a better demo experience with Adam Jay of Reprise

Season #2 Episode #86

The demo environment and demo experience are broken. And so is the interview and job hiring process. Adam Jay shares amazing insights on both of these and other topics including: What makes a bad a demo? Why you...
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S2E85 - All in on SDR Enablement with Brooke Bachesta of Outreach

Season #2 Episode #85

Brooke started in sales and worked her way up to enablement. She's now running enablement for over 100 reps, both inbound and outbound. She shares amazing and tactical thoughts on enablement at scale, enablement in...
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S2E84 - LIVE Bonfire Session - AI in Sales with Matt Millen and Sri Sridhar of

Season #2 Episode #84

77% of people recently surveyed say they don't trust AI in sales yet. This conversation works to help remove the disbelief. We covered a host of topics including:   Where are we today with AI in Sales? How AI...
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S2E83 - How to hire and coach a full cycle sales rep with Thomas Boccard

Season #2 Episode #83

Thomas is an active SVP of Sales. He stays in the trenches and has built amazing sales teams and he believes in the full cycle rep. Check out his advice on this episode What it takes to be a full-cycle sales rep.What...
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S282 - Building the Right Life Mindset with Andrew Mewborn

Season #2 Episode #82

Understand the emotional LinkedIn post vs the value add post Content will always drive pipeline What's a deep work session of 90 minutes and how to use it. Why it's not easier to sell at a unicorn as it is an...
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S2E81 - How community has evolved with Zoe Hartsfield of

Season #2 Episode #81

Zoe started in a traditional SDR role and rather than take the normal path to AE, she shifted into what is now the hottest part of the sales community. She's a community builder. This goes way deeper than "Channel...
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S2E80 - Welcome to the SaaSholes

Season #2 Episode #80

Definitely one of our favorite episodes. Our friends over on The SaaSholes podcast had us on as their guests. And they were kind enough to let us drop to our listeners too.   Give it a listen, check them out, and let...
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S2E79 - Why you don't dip salmon in chocolate with Paul Kreiter

Season #2 Episode #79

Everyone has the ability to be better at presenting. The question comes down to one's ability to listen and implement the feedback. Paul shares an abundance of knowledge and wisdom around improving your communication...
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S2E78 - It's still about the basics with Luigi Prestinenzi Sales IQ

Season #2 Episode #78

Luigi's first sales job at 17 was selling $7,000 high-end suits. And he fell in love with sales while working in a call center. His journey is unique and now he's partnering with Tony J. Hughes helping other...
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S2E77 - Humility, Vulnerability, and Curiosity in Sales - Casey Jacox

Season #2 Episode #77

Humility, Vulnerability, and Curiosity If you have to tell people how great you are then you aren't that good. The power of going first as a leader. It's ok to not know every answer, it's not ok to do nothing about...
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